CCTV Monitoring

There is no substitute for technology!

In the ever-changing security industry in which technology is playing a bigger role by the day, Security Companies can no longer afford not to keep ahead of the trends, to search for more advanced and better ways to serve its clients and customers.

J&M Business Security CC has, through its business relationship with the leading Electronic Security Systems supplier, ELVEY SECURITY TECHNOLOGIES, secured its share of the CCTV market by supplying a quality product to its clients.

CCTV cameras not only provide good evidence when investigating crime but also serve to protect staff, particularly when working alone in a specific area, as they act as a physical deterrent to the professional or opportunistic criminal.

Today, many digital CCTV recording products are available, most of which have roughly the same capabilities, or so it seems. However, there is one very important issue that is paramount in any technical product, which makes the difference between a happy customer and an angry one: product reliability and after sales technical support.

J&M Business Security CC offers its clients professional, state-of-the-art products with a high level of support. Whilst using well-known brand names, the company constantly adjusts itself to meet the standards of a world-class market, ensuring quality service, products and assistance.

Next Generation Solutions

The age of video analytics has arrived bringing with it the ability to automate video analysis and security alerts. Thereby eliminating the cost and susceptibility of human protection and intervention.
Integrated correctly utilizing state of the art IP CCTV products, analytical solutions prove to be 99% successful. Self regulated built-in trigger mechanisms reduce the need to constantly view active footage.


  • Provides intelligent motion detection alerts.
  • Reduces unwanted false alarms caused by external scene conditions compared to typical Motion Detectors.
  • Increases productivity and efficiency of security professionals by indicating objects of interest, such as people and vehicles.

Initial Analysis performed by Professional experienced Consultants to determine the optimal viable solution.
IP based CCTV solutions are far superior to Analogue solutions. Data Management / Loss less Video / Cross Platform Integration / Remote Management / Scalability & Automation.
A 24/7 trustworthy security solution delivering advanced military grade analytics performance at the edge, greatly reducing costly server requirements. Intelligent processing gives extremely high detection accuracy with very low false alarm rates by analyzing scenarios using advanced CMOS/CPU/GPU engines.
A platform to manage video monitoring services locally or remotely.

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: Safety and Security.