Alarm Installation & Monitoring

It is a well-known fact in almost all developed countries that the acquisition of an intruder detection system drastically increases both personal safety and security and the value of one’s property. Although systems of this nature could be viewed as a luxury item in countries abroad, it became a necessity to the home and business owner in the Republic of South Africa due to the increasing crime rate.

J&M realised many years ago the increased tendency towards electronic security systems and introduced a fully equipped alarm monitoring division to its fold. The control room is manned on a 24-hour basis and controllers are in constant radio contact with armed reaction units that will be dispatched immediately upon receipt of any alarm signal from the clients’ premises.

J&M only uses top of the range alarm systems supplied by Elvey International and SAIDSA approved. Monitoring is done with the most powerful and flexible “WINDOWS” based Central Station Automation Software available. This encompasses a fully automated alarm-processing unit with no limit to the number of subscribers it can accommodate. It also allows the subscriber with unlimited application of the installed system in respect of the number of access codes, the number of frequency of supervised opening and closing events and up to 26 names on each subscriber’s call list.

Incoming alarm signals are automatically transferred to the next available operator in the correct priority order. Furthermore, an instant look-up facility is available to enable subscribers’ direct access to alarm history information, call list information, opening & closing schedules and subscribers testing schedules.

The technical staff is well trained and supplies the client with superior installations of alarm and monitoring equipment. J&M also offers an extensive lightning warranty on certain products as well as workmanship and optional maintenance contract.