Mbombela has many heroes

The men and women proudly protect our region.

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Messrs, Shaun Terblanche of J&M, Nico Grobler and Vernon Lancaster of Hi-Tech and Albert Gryvenstein of Bossie’s Justice.

MBOMBELA – J&M Security, Hi-Tech Security and Bossie’s Community Justice united for a parade on April 29.

The men and women of these three organisations reported at the intersection of Enos Mabuza and Madiba Drive at  06:00 sharp.

Facing the motorists, they proudly saluted the city’s citizens and each other.

Hi-Tech’s Mr Nico Grobler’s brief address confirmed that those who choose this career, have hearts of gold and nerves of steel.  They function within a disciplined, structured environment, but have empathy for the circumstances of crime victims.

Grobler said that these crime fighters have, to a great extent, become our go-to-guys.  “We thank you for being reliable and trustworthy,” he said.  “The city is a great deal safer, thanks to you.”

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As a spectator to the event and a thankful citizen of the city, I felt incredibly thankful towards the group.  

This extended to those security companies who were not present on that day.

Thanks to you, I feel safer than I would have.  

The police, community policing forums and security officials sacrifice more than we realise.  

When they leave their homes to protect the rest of us, they leave their families for a few hours.  

At times, they place their lives on the line to protect ours.

Their working hours are taxing and they take huge risks.

They do it for me and you. 

Thanks guys, we really appreciate it.

You are hero

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